Prince Optical Works manufacturer of Optical components for Astronomical , Audio visual, Educational ,Medical, Ophthalmic , Scientific,instruments and Customized Substrat for projection systems, R & D and Laser applications. The company was founded in 1955 by Late Sh. P.L. Papneja and now the company owned and managing by his son Mr. Chander Papneja with a stellar service record of over 40 years in the field of optics, the company has built itself an impeccable reputation in Optical components market.

Our Specialities :
In house facility for the complete manufacturing of Optical components for Astronomical, Audio visual, Educational, Medical, Opthalmic , scientific, instrument , projection systems, R & D and laser applications i.e: Simple lens, Mirror, Prisms, Magnifiers, Glass Slabs, Eye Piece, Reflectors, Newton Ring Appartus, Watch Glass, Diffraction Grating, Projection Lenses, Poloride Disk, Color Filters, Air Wedge Plates and Customised Substrats as per customer’s Specifications.

We are also a Member of :
Instrument Design Development and Facilities centre (Ambala) India. A UNDP/UNIDO ASSISTED HARTRON PROJECT and ITPO.